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PHP-Framework Agavi 1.0.0 and unofficial FAQ · 5. März 2009, 21:41 von Steffen

Explicitly not calling it yet another web framework in the title, as it’s well designed with an extensible architecture and can be used in a multitude of contexts. Your next web application is as far away as your next console application, SOAP interface or JSON webservice. Or you just reuse everything later on and combine them for the next overly hyped web 2.0 clone.

Agavi has a flexible modular foundation. New developers coming from other frameworks (and other languages like Ruby or Java) should feel at home rather easy. Configuration is XML based (instead of e.g. YAML) and makes use of all the niceties that XSLT (old config file formats get converted automatically to achieve backwards compatibilty), XPointer (XIncludes), XPath and schema validation provide you with. Features include a comprehensive and very capable routing system with so called output types to support any outputs (think HTML, JSON, XML, PDF, $whatever), different layers and renderers, fragment caching for all your (nested) slots, some i18n and l10n features as well as global and action filters for all those people that already know servlet filters and teh like.

Reusability and freedom of choice are a big plus of the framework as nearly everything may be overriden, configured or extended if it doesn’t fit the requirements exactly. Just note, that you don’t have to, as the defaults are well chosen with a strict validation system in place, that requires you to validate not only the standard inputs like request parameters, but also files, headers and cookies. What other framework would a) require you to do that by default and b) makes it that easy with a flexible validation system that comes with a load of validators (nestable and chainable) and lets you create your own custom validators in minutes? Oh and the best for last: just chose whatever third party libraries, object relational mappers (Propel, Doctrine, PDO, whatever) or clientside frameworks (jQuery, mootools etc.) you like.

As the Agavi maintainers are lagging a bit with the tutorial and documentation (they’re working on it though and the source code is well documented), I started compiling some common questions and quickstart hints to ease diving into Agavi’s features. See the small Agavi Framework Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document. All handcrafted HTML/CSS and on one page to help you sifting through them in-page. Hope you like it. In case you find some errors and mistakes or just have some nice new snippets or examples to provide for the FAQ, drop me a line or ask for help in the Agavi IRC channel.

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